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Low Float Report
ENVB1.451765696378162874.492.56M29105-1140.67Why Is Enveric Biosciences (ENVB) Stock Up 120% Today?
VLCN1.33115988003213664999.920.25M3222052.07Why Is Volcon (VLCN) Stock Up 51% Today?
SIDU8.983577920469484761.221.37M17073022.80Sidus Space Announces Proposed Public Offering
ADIL2.042875084911162858225.931.51M69200.00Adial Pharmaceuticals Awarded New Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office
RVSN2.8616336507729741-1.381.64M536-128.62Rail Vision Joins NVIDIA Metropolis to Boost Railway Safety Systems
NXU0.8010483314204462512.630.38M2306011.89Nxu Engages in Strategic Partnership with Electric Outdoors
AULT0.45735564314987648-9.722.79M840-3.68Ault Alliance Announces Record Preliminary 2023 Revenue of $153 Million, up 30% from 2022
BETS3.45649140860088628-19.390.61M197-1-4.91What Is Going on With Bit Brother (BETS) Stock Today?
RMCO1.75591038748781227.740.45M1153504.38Royalty Management Holding Corporation Completes Strategic Acquisition of Diversified Resource-Based for Long Term Royalty Stream
TIVC1.704465928679936.001.45M1557100.00Tivic Health Announces Completion of Enrollment for Study of Novel Non-Invasive Bioelectronic Approach to Vagus Nerve Stimulation
ZVSA1.103938261557920710.001.60M9602.00ZyVersa Therapeutics Generated Approximately $2.7 Million From Exercise of Warrants Following Excitement Around News That Inflammasome Inhibitors Have Potential to Effectively Treat Obesity
HOLO9.7124258587178110-3.861.11M200-1.58HOLO Stock Alert: MicroCloud Hologram Soars 70% on Regaining Compliance
VHAI1.3817909131554333-17.372.22M32204.79Exchange Listing, LLC Advises Vocodia Holdings IPO And Secures Cboe Listing
SMFL1.30162114212032578.330.62M6320-5.00Smart for Life Announces Selection of SGS Nutrasource to Support Global Strategic Expansion
SPRC3.828973341279512.142.45M1440-1.07SciSparc Delivers Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Trial Enabling Commencement of Dosing
FRGT1.56876993600532-16.132.40M9001.08Why Is Freight Technologies (FRGT) Stock Up 25% Today?
TENX4.598405135022910.871.69M14001.69Tenax Therapeutics Announces Oral Presentation of Levosimendan for the Treatment of PH-HFpEF at THT 2024
AUVI1.768386471140177.321.23M21706.71Applied UV's Subsidiary has Purchased the Continuing Business and a Multi-Year Exclusive Global Licensing Agreement With Element Designs
PTPI1.7282306616970082.381.31M7801.19Petros Pharmaceuticals Enters into AI Licensing Agreement with Leading Multi-Billion-Dollar Software Provider
VIEW1.6381397912000924.432.73M42504.58View, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIEW) Q3 2023 Earnings Call Transcript